What - exactly - will I do?

  • Work with you to define objectives, set expectations and plan how we'll work
  • Develop and write content to suit your target audience and media
  • Apply best practice in terms of how the written word works online, and its implications for how well sites navigate for business users and consumers
  • Write lively, intelligent copy that will inspire confidence in the reader, stimulate powerful design images and bring facts and figures to life
  • Structure content to speed up and enhance the user’s search for information, whether they’re browsing sites or reading off the page
  • Express key messages, offers and information clearly, directly and without jargon, fluff or corporate-speak
  • Apply a variety of skills to the task: copywriting, editorial, reportage and creative language techniques including form, flow, meter, rhythm and pace
  • Pay strict attention to detail and quality throughout the creative, editing and proofreading process

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